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Welcome to! We know you are busy running your business so we will get straight to the point. When you advertise on you will receive two things that you don’t receive with conventional advertising. First, we guarantee you won’t pay a dime for the eyeballs who see your ad, but don’t respond to it. Second, we only target customers who live or work near your business.

Here is why Conejo Deals will be the most cost-effective way you have ever advertised your business.

Deal-a-Day Excitement:

Conejo Deals features one business per day, Monday through Friday. That business becomes Conejo Deal's Deal of the Day and is emailed to every one of our thousands of local subscribers. Think of the Deal of the Day like a birthday party for your business where all of the attention is focused on just your business for 24 hours! And we are not the only ones sending out the invitations to your businesses’ party. All of our subscribers have the ability to tweet your deal, facebook your deal, and email your deal to friends who they think would be interested in buying what you have to sell.

Local, Local, Local:

Conejo Deals was born out of frustration. Westlake Village resident Robert Jaffe loved the deal of the day concept offered by giant national websites, but could not take advantage of their great offers because none of the businesses were located in his community. Rob fixed the problem when he created Conejo Deals by limiting the website to businesses in the Conejo Valley and surrounding communities. Conejo Deals’ subscribers--your future new customers--live and work near your business.

No Up-Front Costs:

Conejo Deals does not charge a fee for being featured as the Deal of the Day. And your deal will be written up for free by our experienced staff writer. For those businesses where the Deal of the Day doesn’t make sense (a realtor or an attorney for example), but still wish to advertise on our site, we do have ad space available. Please contact us to discuss rates.


Conejo Deals’ subscribers typically spend more than the amount of their certificate. For example, a subscriber purchases a $25 restaurant certificate, a couple or group will typically spend at least double the amount of the certificate. And many businesses find that once a customer is in the door with their Conejo Deals’ certificate in hand, they are amenable to purchasing upgrades from that business. But, most importantly, Conejo Deals gets new customers to experience what your business has to offer and to become a lifelong customer.

Community Partner:

If you cruised our website, you probably noticed that we are passionate about helping our local community. Our community partners—schools, little leagues, and charitable organizations—all send customers your way. And, we support these organizations by donating a dollar to them every time a deal over ten dollars is purchased on our site.

We love answering questions about Conejo Deals so ask away! And we are looking forward to showing you how Conejo Deals can bring hundreds of new customers to your business in just one day.