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Contour Light Body Sculpting With Detox at LA Chiro Spa Malibu Located in Agoura. Purchase One Session For $39 and Lose Inches Instantly. May Purchase up to 10 Sessions.
Contour Light Body Sculpting With Detox at LA Chiro Spa Malibu Located in Agoura. Purchase One Session For $39 and Lose Inches Instantly. May Purchase up to 10 Sessions.
 LA Chiro Spa Malibu
 28047 Dorothy Drive, Suite #209 Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Conejo Deals Price: $150.00 $39.00

You Save: $111.00

Service Fee: $0.00
What's the catch
  • Promo value expires on 5/1/19 (must complete all sessions by promo value expiration date for promo value) 
  • No cash back 
  • Can't combine with other discounts/offers 
  • Appointment required 
  • Failure to give 24-hours notice of cancellation may result in forfeiture of one treatment 
  • Gratuity included 
  • Like most slimming treatments, 6-24 treatments are recommended for optimal results 
  • Max ten certificates per person (even if received as gifts)
Deal Features
  • Inside scoop: Wendy tried Contour Light Body Sculpting and found it to be an easy and relaxing way to quickly reduce 
  • Jump-start your New Year's Resolution 
  • Lose fat at the speed of light with a non-invasive, painless treatment using Medical Grade LED light to help naturally contour inch loss, slim, shape, and tone the waist, hips, and thighs, and upper arms 
  • Effect is similar to the "fat-burning" stage of a good cardiovascular workout 
  • Multiple sessions, scheduled 2 to 3 times a week, are recommended for optimal results 
  • Advantage: unlike some LED weight-loss equipment, the Contour Light was designed with large pads to cover the majority of the body 
  • Also includes one whole body vibrating plate session to speed weight loss and stimulate the lymphatic system for the release of metabolized fat. 
  • NEW for 2019: With each treatment you will receive a serving of the Ultimate Detox which includes Liver Clear and Mega Binder Liver Clear and Mega Binder bind toxins stored in fat cells so that in addition to the release of fat cells from the Contour Light system, your body will release toxins stored in fat cells!
About this Deal

Ready to jump-start your New Year’s Resolution? Check out today’s deal for contour light body sculpting at LA Chiro Spa Malibu located in Agoura.


As many of you know, we personally try out any treatment that we are not already familiar with prior to featuring it on Conejo Deals. So when it was time to find a “Conejo Deals Guinea Pig” to try the new Contour Light Body Sculpting treatment at LA Chiro Spa, I volunteered faster than you can say, “Why did I eat that hot fudge sundae?”

So here is the inside scoop. The Contour Light Body Sculpting treatment is non-invasive, completely safe, and downright relaxing. (I literally slept through most of it.) You simply lay on the large Contour Light pads and then the aesthetician covers your body with the other large pads. (I also opted for the Contour Light mask on my face as the light stimulates collagen production and skin tightening.) Of course, what you can’t see is that while you are relaxing, the Contour Light equipment is slimming and toning by stimulating fat cells to release energy; the now “liquid fat” releases into the lymphatic system to get metabolized. All the while, the Contour Light system is also increasing firming collagen and elastin in the skin to create a more toned appearance.

Plus, with today’s deal, Conejo Deals members are getting free with each treatment two incredible detoxers: Liver Clear and Mega Binder which work together to catch and eliminate a myriad of toxins from the body. The result? More energy and an improved mood.

Dr. Zappala and her team are seeing incredible results with two-inches lost per session being the norm. (As with all weight loss treatments, multiple sessions are recommended.)

And with the New Year upon us, the timing of today’s skinny deal couldn’t be better!

Thank you for continuing to spread the word about Conejo Deals,

Wendy and Rob

P.S. For more info on the technology driving Contour Light and for amazing before and after pics, go to